‘To All the Children’

IMG_3355The newest track from Kids Rock Cancer, “To All the Children” was written by Dylon, 20, with help from senior music therapist Tracie Sandheinrich.

Tracie says that when she first met Dylon, who’s being treated for cancer, she spent three hours just talking with him.

“Strangely enough, it was a music therapy session with no music,” she says. “We talked a lot about music but didn’t play, sang or compose anything. Just talking about it opened the gates for Dylon. He talked about his hobbies, his family and his illness.”

Tracie says that in their second session, the two were able to start collaborating. Dylon has spent many hours practicing the guitar, especially during his lengthy hospital stays. He began their session by playing a unique riff with a kind melody and rhythmic strumming pattern, which turned out to be the major “hook” of his song.

“When we started talking about adding lyrics, he jokingly insisted he wasn’t a singer, but would allow me to sing on the track,” Tracie explains.

Tracie added that, from the get go, Dylon had expressed frustration for the other young kids he’d encountered during his treatment. When he handed her a notebook — full of pages and pages of emotional lines — he said “I want to write a song for the other kids. They don’t deserve to be in here. It’s not fair that they have to hurt and be sick.

“It’s just not fair.”

The lyrics of “To All the Children” are adapted from a poem written by Dylon to help share a message of strength and courage with those other kids. Give a listen!