‘This is Me’

Kids Rock Cancer isn’t just for kids!

Ronicia, 25 , is a previous KRC participant who was so emotionally inspired by the KRC program that when she ran into Tracie Sandheinrich, senior music therapist at Camp Crescent, she asked to do another song. The pair scheduled a session at the Cancer Support Community.

“I first met Ronicia when she was 19. She has been doing very well with her sickle cell but still has a lot of ups and downs,” Tracie says. “Musically, Ronicia continues to be very creative with her slam poetry and continues to find strength through her words and music. She is not picky, though she is spontaneous with her thoughts and emotions. When she is writing, the lyrics just come right out. You can truly understand and feel her passion and her pain when she tells her story.”

Ronicia continues to be an inspiration to KRC and an advocate for the sickle cell population. Click here to listen to “This is Me,” Ronicia’s third KRC song.