Charity Triple Play, Presented by Maryville University

Featuring Original Portraits of St. Louis Cardinals Players and More

Chaired by Mike and Kristin Matheny, Charity Triple Play showcases the artistic talents of the entire community of Maryville University — students, faculty, staff and alumni, united to raise funds for three remarkable non-profit organizations:

Organized by the League of Extraordinary Artists student organization at Maryville, the project features portraits of Matt Adams, Matt Carpenter, Matt Holliday, Jon Jay, Lance Lynn, Yadier Molina, Jhonny Peralta, Michael Wacha, Adam Wainwright, Kolten Wong, the late Oscar Taveras, manager Mike Matheny and Busch Stadium (old and new).

For more information about the project its charities — Kids Rock Cancer, Cardinals Care and Mending Faces — check out this interview with event organizer Sarah Loynd and St. Louis sportscaster John Rooney.

You can also see each of the portraits below; click on each image for an expanded view.

Thank You Premiums
Donations to the project may be made at any time during the Cardinals’ 2015 regular season. Thank you posters and souvenir postcards, featuring reproductions of the original artwork, are available for gifts of $50 and above, at the following levels:

  • $50: Unsigned pack of 4×6 inch souvenir postcards (based on original artwork)
  • $75: Unsigned poster (based on original artwork)
  • $100: Unsigned pack of 4×6 inch souvenir postcards and unsigned poster
  • $250: Signed pack of 4×6 inch souvenir postcards
  • $300+: Signed pack of 4×6 inch postcards and unsigned poster

You can make a gift of any amount online. Thanks in advance for your support. Please expect 4-6 weeks for delivery of the cards and/or posters.

Matt Carpenter

“Matt Carpenter,” by Stephen Burger; 10×10, screen print/collage




Kolten Wong

“Kolten Wong,” by Taylor Deed; 24×24, chalk




Matt Holliday

“Matt Holliday,” by Britani Palazzolo; 20×20, digital illustration




Jon Jay

“Jon Jay,” by Jessica Riess; 24×24, digital illustration printed on canvas




Adam Wainwright

“Adam Wainwright,” by Mandy Weber; 15×15, digital/typography




Busch Stadium II

“Busch Stadium II,” by John Baltrushunas; 1.5×1.5, jewelry/metals




Jhonny Peralta

“Jhonny Peralta,” by Melissa Hildenbrand; 30×30, acrylic paint on fabric




Busch Stadium III

“Busch Stadium III,” by Scott Angus; 20×20, photography printed on metal




Yadier Molina

“Yadier Molina,” by Michael Burgess; 16×20, digital illustration




Matt Adams

“Matt Adams,” by Robert Koh; 24×20, oil paint on canvas




Lance Lynn

“Lance Lynn,” by Steve Teczar; 19×19, oil pastel




Mike Matheny

“Mike Matheny,” by Sarah Loynd; 24×24, pencil printed on metal




Michael Wacha

“Michael Wacha,” by Andy Brandmeyer; 12×12, oil paint on wood