Testimonial: Lori Zucker, Parent

I am the mother of a brave, strong cancer fighter.

Arianna has been fighting for a chance to live her life for almost five years. During this time we have spent a good portion of our life in hospitals and clinics receiving treatments that make my little girl feel horrible, tired and sick.

A shining light in all of this dread has been the opportunity for my daughter to work with the music therapist from a program called Kids Rock Cancer. Singing feeds her soul and makes her smile. This program allows children to express themselves with music by creating a song, then the best part, my daughter then gets to hear herself over and over again, at home, in the car, for the rest of the family. Each time she smiles again, maybe even laughs or giggles, and each time she feels a little better. That is what matters. I think this is an amazing program!

Lori Zucker, mother of Kids Rock Cancer Rock Star Arianna Dougan