Testimonial: Beth Reider, Parent

How do you put into words the benefits of a program as incredible as Kids Rock Cancer? It is truly amazing! Through music, creativity and love, Kids Rock Cancer’s music therapists helps to tap into the feelings and emotions of children affected by cancer.

Our three daughters participated in the program while their dad was battling Stage 4 lymphoma and going through chemotherapy. With the help of this program, the girls wrote and recorded a song expressing their fear, their love and their hope for their dad. Until they participated in the program they were at a loss for words and at a loss of how to express themselves during this horrific time. This program was able to break their silence through music and they began talking, laughing and singing around the house again!  Music truly is healing.

We are only one story of hundreds that Kids Rock Cancer has benefitted.

Beth Reider, mother of Kids Rock Cancer rock stars Emily, Natalie and Alice Reider