‘Shopping Queen’

Peyton, 11, wrote her first song with Kids Rock Cancer just three weeks after receiving a life-changing diagnosis.

Peyton’s diagnosis came with a surgery, new medications (which impacted her blood sugar levels) and changes to her diet. She was no longer able to eat the sugary, fun foods kids love — inspiring her to write her first song, “Summer Fun, a song completely about food.

A year later, Peyton returned to the hospital for a few days and partnered with Kids Rock Cancer again, recording her second hit “Shopping Queen.”

“Strolling the aisles of her favorite boutiques and coming home with bags of goodies is much more fun than being stuck at the hospital,” Kids Rock Cancer music therapist Ashley Warmbrodt says.

Peyton also enjoys amusement parks, concerts, acting and dancing. Listen to “Shopping Queen” at the link below!