‘Route 13’

Although she was done with her appointment and free to leave the hospital, Celia, 17, wanted to stay and write a song.

Celia, who was diagnosed with factor V Leiden thrombophilia (a blood disorder) in sixth grade, is a serious golfer. She’s learned a lot from the sport, and from her golf instructor.

“Her instructor taught her that, like life, golf is a bunch of choices you have to make,” writes Kids Rock Cancer music therapist Ashley Warmbrodt. “If you get in the woods, or hit a rough spot, you still have to figure out a way out of it.”

Celia’s “rough spot” happened last July, when her grandfather suddenly passed away from cancer. She was very close to her grandfather; he drove her to school each morning and they enjoyed watching the sunrise together as they drove down Route 13.

“The day after her grandpa’s funeral and found herself driving down that same old Route 13, watching that same familiar sunrise,” Ashely writes. “Celia said she took that as a sign her grandfather was watching over her and telling her, ‘It’s all gonna be OK.'”

Ashley continues: “After taking just a few minutes to think, this talented young musician started telling me each line to her song, leaving barely enough time in between lines for me to finish writing them down!

“After looking at the clock, I turned to Celia’s mom and grandma and said, ‘Wow. Thirteen minutes to write a song.’ Her mom said, ‘Thirteen. Like Route 13.’ We knew the title to Celia’s song: ‘Route 13.'”

Listen to Route 13