Rock Star of the Month: The Whiteaker Family

This spunky family knows how to have a good time! The enthusiasm from these three children was contagious. During the session with this family, time flew by and there was never a dull moment! There was so much energy in the room throughout the Kids Rock Cancer session! Even in the course of this difficult time for the Whiteaker family, laughter and positivity prevailed. Each child wrote a verse to the original song, High Hopes for Dad, inspired by the children’s current favorite song, High Hopes by Panic At The Disco. When creating the lyrics to the song, the children decided they wanted the composition to be a present for their father for the upcoming holiday. Some of the lyrics appeared to bring back fun memories that each child had with their father. It was clear that their father was a humorous man, as each child claimed he was funny and silly, and he made them laugh. With the help of the music therapist, each child was able to compose their own original lyrics that turned into a special verse. The words that make up this song are heartfelt and genuine; reminding each child of all the wonderful moments they have shared with their father. They wanted this song to be an uplifting anthem for their dad, because they know he is going to push through.

High Hopes for Dad

Verse 1 (Luca)
You build a stage set for church
You help out my baseball team
You’re the funniest dad in Missouri
We make pinewood derby cars every year

Verse 2 (Matteo)
You help people when they are hurt
I love going rock climbing every year
You’re the best dad that anyone could get
I like your crazy awesome dance moves

Verse 3 (Tessa)
I love when you play tag with me
I love when you read books to me
You’re a really good dad
I’m so glad you’re the only one I’ll ever have

Dad we keep high, high, hopes for you
And we know that you’re going to pull through
We will always be there for you
With our high, high hopes

Listen to “High Hopes For Dad”.