‘Random Act of Kindness’

Over the years, Kids Rock Cancer has worked with many family members of children, teens and young adults battling cancer.

“We learned very early on in the program that a cancer diagnosis has a major impact on every member of the family, including the patient’s siblings,” writes Kids Rock Cancer senior music therapist Tracie Sandheinrich. “Brothers Liam, 15, and Aidan, 13, wanted an opportunity to have a songwriting session to talk about the recent passing of their younger sister, Arianna Dougan, who was a long-time Kids Rock Cancer rock star.”

Ari’s illness and frequent hospital stays meant she spent more time away from her family than her brothers liked. Liam and Aidan spent years worrying and caring for their sister, and trying to help their parents get through each day — while also helping her live life to the fullest whenever possible.

Although Liam and Aidan miss their sister, the brothers know Ari wouldn’t want them to be sad. Their song, which focuses on a message of kindness, highlights their strength while also celebrating the life of their beautiful sister and encouraging everyone to “spread Ari’s light.”

Listen to “Random Act of Kindness”
Produced by Steve Schenkel and Tracie Sandheinrich