‘Never Give Up’

In 2010, Kids Rock Cancer music therapist Tracie Sandheinrich met Huey, a long-time volunteer at The Costas Center and a pediatric cancer survivor.

“Huey was diagnosed with a brain tumor when he was four years old,” Tracie writes. “As we started the session, Huey was very open about his cancer experience. We talked in depth about his treatment, long hospital days and how he felt sick all the time. Because of his three brain surgeries and his very aggressive treatment protocols, Huey was unable to do all the things as a child he wished he could.”

Tracie says that while Huey still faces faces physical and emotional repercussions from the cancer treatment he received as a young child, what he remembers most about that time in his life are all the doctors, nurses, family and friends who helped him along the way when he was sick.

“His mission in life is to help others and give back, just like people gave to him when he was in need,” Tracie writes. “Huey has an undeniably wonderful and creative spirit, with a great message he hopes will spread like wildfire: Never give up.”

Watch Tracie’s interview with Huey about his experiences as a pediatric cancer patient and volunteer.

Huey: Kids Rock Cancer Participant Testimonial from Creative Entourage on Vimeo.

Listen to “Never Give Up”