Meet Savanna! KRC Rock Star of the Month

Kids Rock Cancer music therapist, Jaime, describes the first time she met Savanna. “When I walked into the room to introduce the program, she had a sparkle in her eye. We had an instant connection.”

Thirteen-year-old Savanna has all the makings of a rock star: singer, musician and pure talent. Her mother is also a singer for a local band and their family embraces all of these gifts. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! When Savannah wrote her song, she shared her dreams of being a motivational speaker and sharing lessons she learned on her life path.

Savanna completely engaged herself in the songwriting process—so much that their session lasted over four hours! When the song was completed, she was glowing. Not only did this session allow her to put words and music to her story, it also impacted her family. Savanna’s mom listened to the final track and put her hands to her face. “Thank you for this gift; it is truly a blessing. This has been the best day,” she said, with tears in her eyes. “Savanna has been beaming all day and I haven’t seen that for a while.” Savanna’s song, “My Story,” shares her insights and experiences while exuding the confidence she feels through her journey. We hope she will perform “My Story” sometime in the near future. Savanna is pure talent and beauty expressing her personal mantra, “Live your life, don’t give up.”