Meet Ryan, Kids Rock Cancer’s New Intern

Ryan Eversole, 25, is a graduate student in the music therapy program at Maryville University and a lifelong St. Louis resident.

While Ryan initially set out to study psychology and music composition, he discovered the field of music therapy through a conversation with an aunt who had worked as a music therapist in Ohio. He quickly realized that this was a chance to combine his two loves, and after completing his degree in composition at Truman State University, he returned to St. Louis to complete his master’s coursework. During his first semester at Maryville, he learned of Kids Rock Cancer and was incredibly excited to explore the uses of therapeutic songwriting.

Ryan hopes to find employment with a population that challenges him to be creative. In addition to his time with Kids Rock Cancer, he has greatly enjoyed his time working with individuals in Hospice and Special School District programs. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys watching movies, singing with his a cappella group One Too Many, and giving informal lectures on rap music.