Meet Inga! KRC Rock Star of the Month

This young lady was starting her weekend off right, with a visit from Mickey Mouse in the St. Louis Children’s Hospital clinic and composing an original song in a KRC session! Inga was very excited to tell the music therapist, Cara, all about her favorite things―including her stuffed animals and chemo duck, Quackers, who was also receiving treatment right alongside Inga. After eight years in remission, Inga relapsed. She still manages to keep her head high and her spirits even higher. Her mom expressed that Inga is the happiest little girl she has ever encountered. Very involved in the session, her mom helped Inga and Cara write a Frozen inspired song titled, All About Inga. While recording her original song, Inga held her Disney Frozen-themed microphone tightly and sang with her favorite stuffed animals by her side. Inga’s nurses and doctors were so impressed by the song she wrote. It is safe to say that this sweet girl seems to leave a smile on every face she encounters! Here is Inga’s song:

All About Inga

Inga loves her stuffed animals
And she likes to hold them tight
There’s Cuddles, Bad Dog, and Quackers
Always by my side
Then I met Mickey, and he gave me a special gift
Henry likes to play with my stuffed animals

I love to sing, I love to dance, and give my friends lots of love
Sometimes I like to watch Trolls
And Poppy’s cute

I am happy, I am me
I am strong and I will win
Yes, I’m happy, I am me
I am strong and I will win
Here I stand, and here I’ll stay
I’m happy, and I’m me
The bad days never bother me anyway