Meet Advisory Council Member Al Hammerman

Kids Rock Cancer’s Advisory Council provides vital assistance with our efforts in the St. Louis community, helping to raise both awareness and support for Kids Rock Cancer.

Advisory Council member Al Hammerman shared his reasons for volunteering with Kids Rock Cancer.

How did you get involved with Kids Rock Cancer?
I believe it was the summer of 2008, when Peggy Michelson, Maryville University’s development director and a good friend, called me. She asked if I would be part of an informal meeting at Starbucks with herself and Kristie Skor, who would become Kids Rock Cancer’s first program director.
Peggy knew I was not only a songwriter, but also a sucker for children’s charities, having put on benefit concerts for the Make-A-Wish Foundation. We were to explore the possibility of putting together a new children’s charitable organization, sponsored through Maryville University, that would not only provide emotional support but also much needed enjoyment to kids with life threatening disease — and do it through the art of songwriting.
Peggy is someone who rarely takes no for an answer, so of course I showed up and it has been my great pleasure to be part of this wonderful program ever since.
Why are you passionate about Kids Rock Cancer?
As a physician, I have seen firsthand the healing power of music as well as the special joy it brings to children who are going through very difficult times. I feel very fortunate to be able to use my skills, not only as a physician but also a musician, to help further the healing process.
All proceeds from the sale of “Catalina Girl,” which Al released in 2016, are donated to Kids Rock Cancer. Click here to purchase your copy.