Lynn Challenge

Go Cards! Right now it’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue throughout St. Louis.

At Kids Rock Cancer we add a little more to that: Go Cards! Go Lance Lynn! We’re huge Lance Lynn fans.

Earlier this year Lance and his wife, Lauren challenged their friends and family to help Kids Rock Cancer by pledging to sponsor one child for each Cardinals home game — 81 in total.

We’re in the homestretch to making that goal — so close to the playoffs, but we’re not quite there.

To make it, we need you to rally behind us.

You can help us make our goal of helping 81 kids who have cancer be rock (or R&B or Country or …) stars for a day.

Your support allows children who have cancer to be kids, to have fun and to enjoy being a kid. Kids Rock Cancer helps children combat feelings of anxiety, depression, uncertainty and helplessness that can come from having this disease.

One Kids Rock Cancer session costs $300. That allows a board-certified music therapist to spend hours with the child to help him or her create his or her own personal song — from the lyrics to the music. In the end, the child receives a CD with the music. But what the child actually gets is:

  • A vehicle for self-expression
  • A sense of self-esteem and accomplishment
  • A distraction from the physical and emotional pain
  • A sense of joy and optimism

Please consider making a child’s day by giving your support to help a kid be a kid. You never know if the child you help will become the next great Cardinals pitcher leading us into the World Series.

Click here to make your gift today.