‘Lucy’s Song’

Kids Rock Cancer music therapist Jaime K. Wilhite describes her session with Lucy as a sweet and magical encounter with a rock star in the making.

When Jaime first met Lucy at St. Louis Children’s Hospital’s outpatient clinic, the five-year-old started singing immediately upon seeing her guitar. Lucy sang songs from school and even classics such as “On the Road Again.”

“Lucy has a natural ability to perform and has an incredibly beautiful and pure voice,” Jaime says. “I knew her song would be a hit.”

When they started talking about her drive to St. Louis, Lucy started sharing all the things she liked to do. She liked coming to St. Louis, playing with her brother, dad and
grandpa, and jumping on the mattress. Before they knew it, Lucy had formed a crowd around her when recording and singing her song, which she titled “Lucy’s Song.”

“She has so much love to give and has touched so many lives at the clinic,” Jaime says.

A couple months after their session, Jaime came to visit Lucy and her family when Lucy got to ring the hospital’s bell, signaling the end of her cancer treatment.

“What a way to end the year and start 2018,” Jaime says. “Lucy is a natural star and spreads joy and warmth to everyone she’s around.”

Listen to “Lucy’s Song.”