‘Let My Body Be Free’

342ea708-e306-4a02-b0dd-1a46b0144cf1Here’s the latest hit from Kids Rock Cancer. “Let My Body Be Free” was written by Savannah, 11, with help from senior music therapist Tracie Sandheinrich.

Tracie says that when she first walked into Savannah’s hospital room, she wasn’t sure whether the young sickle cell patient would be willing to participate in KRC.

“She had been admitted over the past weekend for a severe pain crisis and still wasn’t feeling well,” Tracie explains. “But as soon as I talked to her about the program, she immediately sat up in bed and started asking a bunch of questions.”

The two discussed Savannah’s musical influences, such as pop singers Ciara, Beyoncé and Ariana Grande, with Savannah’s mom chiming in to share how much her daughter enjoys singing and listening to music.

“The more we talked, the bigger Savannah’s smile got,” Tracie says. “It seemed like she was intrigued, and she muscled up enough strength to start working on her own song.”

Savannah’s song describes some of the pain she feels as a result of her disease.

“Writing this song was a positive way for Savannah to express her feelings about her experiences with pain, while giving it a positive twist,” Tracie explains. “It gave her the opportunity to encourage other kids living with sickle cell and how to fight through the pain.”

Give a listen!