‘Last Day of Chemo’

Kids Rock Cancer’s latest rock star, Ashlynn, literally sang her way through her last bag of chemo.

The 11 year old, who began treatment for B-cell lymphoma in 2017, finally felt up to writing her song on what just so happened to be her very last day of chemotherapy.

“Ashlynn was ready and willing,” says Kids Rock Cancer music therapist Tracie Sandheinrich. “In the past, her treatment had her so bogged down that she either was always sleeping, or just not feeling well at all. It was destiny that we were here today!”

Ashlynn, 11, described her symptoms and her fears prior to starting treatment.

“I was so scared and I knew I would have to be in the hospital a lot,” she says. “Now that I’m finally done with treatment, I can finally get back to my normal life and normal things.”   

During her songwriting session, Ashlynn was wearing a T-shirt that said “Straight Outta Chemo,” which ended up being one of the themes in her song. 

When asked how she felt about finishing treatment, she lit up and excitedly said, “I feel amazing, I’m finally done!”

“This truly was a joyous day and worth some serious celebration,” Tracie says.

Listen to “Last Day of Chemo.”