KRC Music Therapists Present in Cincinnati!

This past March, KRC music therapists presented at the American Music Therapy Association Great Lakes Regional Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their 90-minute presentation, The Lasting Impact of Therapeutic Songwriting: Patients, Families, and Therapists, focused on the many ways KRC sessions can provide an impactful experience for all who are involved in the songwriting process; whether directly or indirectly. It is easy to think that the participant is the only one benefiting, but this is not the case.

Throughout the years, KRC sessions have provided experiences in and out of sessions that truly last a lifetime. Not only do participants benefit from the therapeutic value of the sessions, but the songs themselves play on; leaving an undeniable effect on the families. Many families share that this is the first time their child has ever truly expressed their feelings about having cancer. When performance opportunities are appropriate, the on-stage presence gives the participants and their families such a memorable experience―true rock stars come alive before our eyes!

Senior Music Therapist Tracie Sandheinrich talked about how music motivates us, how participants continue to inspire them and how participants inadvertently change their lives when they least expect it. But most importantly for everyone, these voices and songs live on forever.

American Music Therapy Association Great Lakes Regional Conference