KRC Looks Back: Summer 2017

What an exciting summer this has been! Kids Rock Cancer has been busy writing new music at four camps with some truly inspiring kids — scroll down to hear the soundtrack of our summer!

Camp Rainbow

Kids Rock Cancer kicked off its summer at Camp Rainbow in Babler State Park, where cancer patients and survivors wrote a song called “Camp Rainbow Colors.” The song was cowritten by three campers, ages 8 to 12. In the process, the campers created a rainbow of lyrics with construction paper as their song unfolded. This song highlighted the colors of the rainbow and how Camp Rainbow is a reflection of what camp means to them.

Camp Crescent

Next our music therapists headed to Camp Crescent, held at Trout Lodge in Petosi. A group of more than 60 campers, ages 8-14 and dealing with sickle cell disease, came together in six small groups to compose songs for each of their cabins. Songs titled “We’re Not Alone,” “Err-body Get Up,” “Let’s Work Together,” “Life with Sickle Cell,” “How Sickle Cell Makes Us” and “Never Give Up: The Sickle Cell Struggles” were all motivating anthems of strength, fun and friendship. They had determination to tell the world sickle cell would not keep them down.

Camp HIS Kids

Kids Rock Cancer also participated in Camp HIS KIDS, a camp for patients, siblings and survivors, ages 8-12, at Camp Wartburg in Waterloo, Illinois. Kids Rock Cancer music therapists worked with younger and older siblings to compose two songs, “Together” and “Hopes and Fears.” Later on in the week, we worked with the Leaders in Training (LIT) — all past campers — to write an upbeat tune called “Camp HIS KIDS Anthem.” All of these songs were melodies and lyrics written through support, and being a part of this music-making process was nothing less than moving.

Camp Kesem

Last but not least was Camp Kesem, the newest addition to our summer schedule. This camp, run by a college student organization, provides a fun-filled week for kids with a parent battling cancer. Our Kids Rock Cancer music therapists worked with two groups of about 15-20 campers each, ages 6 to 14. This storytelling process and sharing memories of their parents became magical musical moments that resulted in two beautiful songs, “Together” and “Never Alone.” This process was an opportunity for safe and supportive expression, and allowed these campers a sense of release through music.

It has been a busy, yet successful summer for Kids Rock Cancer! As always, we are honored to have been a part of each and every one of these camps and can’t wait to be back next summer! Rock on!

Listen to the campers’ songs here.