‘I’m Ready to Be an Ordinary Kid’

FRIDAY, DEC. 11, 2015 - Music therapist Ashley Warmbrodt (RIGHT) works with cancer patient Hayden Fife, 7, at Cardinal Glennon Children's Hospital as part of Maryville University's Kids Rock Cancer program. ©Photo by Jerry Naunheim Jr.

The newest track from Kids Rock Cancer “I’m Ready to Be an Ordinary Kid” was written by Hayden, 7, with help from music therapist Ashley Warmbrodt.

“I’m Ready to Be an Ordinary Kid” is the second song Hayden has written as a Kids Rock Cancer rock star. It was written near the end of his three-year treatment for cancer and, in his own words, Hayden was “feeling good” about that.

At the time of the session, Hayden was really into Christmas music. After playing some Christmas songs and singing along, Hayden and Ashley got down to the business of writing. His mom mentioned that he had been feeling frustrated about not being like the other kids, asking “Why can’t I just be an ordinary kid?”

“That quickly became the basis for our song,” Ashley says, adding that she noticed a huge growth in Hayden’s confidence since their first writing session. “Hayden was feeling ‘joyful’ about finishing his treatment, and wanted his song to sound like a happy Christmas song.

“Because Hayden was such a Kids Rock Cancer pro, he knew exactly what he wanted in this song! He wasn’t afraid to speak up and tell me how he wanted his song to sound, and add specific words in specific places.”

Listen to “I’m Ready to Be an Ordinary Kid.”