Honorary Chairs for “All You Need Is Love” Benefit Concert

We are grateful for those serving as Honorary Chairs and Committee members for the 2015 Event.

Honorary Chairs:
Marie and Stuart Block
Randy Costas
Marylen Mann and Frank Jacobs
Priscilla McDonnell
Peggy and Pat Sly
Norma Stern

Honorary Committee:
Jenny and Chris Bartlow
Judy and Marvin Berkowitz
Susan and Terry Block
Christy Garesche and Marc Boguslaw
Millie Cain
Barry Cervantes
Christine Culligan
Kathryn Feldt
Richard Fortus
Kim and Scott Gee
Susan and Steve Givens
Julia Hammerman
Katie Hebson
Lori and Robb Hermanson
Debra Hollingsworth and Mark Stacye
Michelle and Jim Mills
Margie and Herschel Price
Rocky Rosen
Robin Sanders
Andi Schankman
Kristie and Don Skor
Peggy Symes
Kim and Tony Thompson
Sheryl and Doug Weber
Glenda and Al Wiman

Kids Rock Cancer
Advisory Council:
John Brockenbrough
Jeremiah Dellas
Paul Eschen
Tim Halls
Al Hammerman
Branko Marusic
Robert Mills
Brian Owens
Dan Rosen
Rodney Sanders
Kirk Stange
Steven Straub
Katie Trout
Anne Zanola