Making Music at Gaslight Studio

Two Kids Rock Cancer rock stars were recently given the chance to visit Gaslight Studio, a truly unique venue in South City featuring a recording studio, bar/lounge and restaurant.

Dani, 20, and Hailey, 21, were able to record their original songs in a fun and intimate studio setting while their families looked on. Scroll down to read more about their experiences.

Pistol Danis

Kids Rock Cancer music therapists have been asking Dani to participate for more than two years and she finally mustered up the courage to do it — with one stipulation. She wanted her music therapists, Tracie Sandheinrich and Jaime Wilhite of Kids Rock Cancer, and Kelli McKee of SSM Health Cardinal Glennon, to perform as her backup singers, whom she jokingly referred to as the “Pistol Danis.”

“Writing and recording my song gave me an opportunity to open up about my diagnosis, ongoing hospital visits and continued treatment,” Dani says, adding that there is more to her than just being a cancer patient.

Dani, the oldest of her siblings, is a natural-born helper. She loves spending time with children, and spoke during her songwriting session about earning the nickname “Mama of 4North” after her diagnosis, when she was one of the oldest patients on her floor.

‘Midwest Town’

Rock star Hailey, who recently moved from Las Vegas to St. Louis, says her cancer was literally discovered by accident. After falling at work, doctors discovered a tumor in her leg. Through her participation with Kids Rock Cancer, she has been able to work through some of the unique circumstances she is facing as a young adult.

“Jaime and Tracie have helped me so much,” Hailey says. “No matter what is happening, they always make me smile.”

In her song “Midwest Town,” Hailey sings metaphorically about her diagnosis and the challenges she continues to battle every day.

“In her beautiful, angelic vocals, you can feel her calm yet strong perseverance,” Tracie writes. “With Jaime by her side, Hailey sang out her story, giving goosebumps to everyone watching.”

Listen to “Midwest Town.”

View more photos from the recording session.