‘Game Day’

“Game Day” is the second song written by Kids Rock Cancer participant Alec.

Alec, 11, wrote his first song, “Fighting Cancer,” in late 2015 after his initial diagnosis with osteosarcoma; since then, he has been through some major ups and downs, including the return of his cancer. Currently, his heart is pumping with a ventricular assist device.

But, according to Kids Rock Cancer music therapist Ashley Warmbrodt, the past year and a half have had some bright spots too, due in no small part to Alec’s involvement with Maryville University’s Team IMPACT program.

Team IMPACT gives kids with life-threatening and chronic illnesses an opportunity to be part of an athletic team — something that isn’t always possible due to their health issues.

Alec, a huge sports fan, has been paired with Maryville’s baseball team. He regularly hangs out with his Maryville teammates, playing video games and board games. They even visit him at the hospital, and this spring, Alec will shave 13 of their heads for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation in order to raise money for pediatric cancer research

“Alec has formed a great bond with his teammates,” Ashley writes. “Spending time with Alec and the baseball team, it doesn’t take long to see how much joy, laughter and love they bring to each other’s lives.

“I did not expect to see 12 baseball players all in one room, talking at one time, trying to think of lines that fit with Alec’s ideas for the song. Whenever anyone came up with a new line, all his teammates would shout and clap in support. The camaraderie developed in practices and on game days goes beyond the sport — it transcends to hospital beds and even songwriting sessions.”

Alec and the Boys knocked it out of the park with their first official hit – click here to listen now.