The Power of Music

Healing the soul one song at a time.

Medicine Heals the Body, Music Heals the Soul.

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The Process

For a child, a cancer or blood disorder diagnosis can unleash a range of emotions they are not always able to express … or they simply choose not to. Whether they are dealing with their own illness or that of a close family member, kids sometimes need a little help working through all those thoughts and fears.

And some days, they simply need to remember what it feels like to be a kid.

Kids Rock Cancer helps with whatever may be happening in a child’s life. During a session, the child decides what feels important that day. Then through the power of song—guided by an experienced music therapist—they can tap into their emotions and express whatever is on their mind. It may be about their painful treatments, their “yucky” medicines, or their fear of loss. It may also be about their goofy-looking dog, their love of baseball, or even what they like for dessert.

When words and music come together, the magic happens. Singing into the mic, kids suddenly become rock stars. During those powerful moments, kids really do “rock” cancer.

Being a Kid Again

For children with cancer and other blood disorders, a session with a music therapist can bring a welcome distraction from physical discomfort and emotional trauma—and in some cases has been shown to lessen the need for pain medication.

Children who may feel powerless seeing a loved one struggle through illness also find a creative outlet for expression through Kids Rock Cancer.

The experience is rewarding to kids and parents alike—bringing fun and togetherness back into their lives.

Listen to the Songs

You can listen to over 60 songs written and performed by Kids Rock Cancer rock stars.